Electro Caor Water

We are a division specialized in water installations of drinking water and waste water supply systems

Electro Caor, with more than 20 years working in the water sector, has become a solid reference in terms of quality in the execution of new installations and maintenance of existing ones.

The satisfaction of our customers is our best guarantee.

We help you to know


We offer each client professional technical support customized to the needs they require at any given time.

  1. Installation and start-up of hydraulic or electromechanical equipment, remote control and treatment systems
  2. Maintenance of all related facilities
  3. Water quality control
  4. Optimisation of drinking water and sanitation networks
  5. Analysis and solution of problems in networks and pumping stations
  6. Sectorisation of networks
  7. Reading and recording of flows
  8. Leak detection
  9. Remote control systems
  10. Feasibility studies
  11. Geographic information systems
  12. Construction of electrical panels


We prepare remote stations with computers connected to your facilities, as well as collectors and personalized software to centralize the control and management of your water supply networks.

From a computer you will be able to save energy with alarms and leak detection, see the state of health of the network and optimise the operation of the equipment 24 hours a day.


Users and administrations are increasingly demanding with the quality and supply of water in the municipalities. We attach great importance to maintenance.

The adaptation of existing installations to these new requires preventive maintenance of the drinking water and waste water supply systems.

Periodic review of installations

In order to detect and prevent any future anomalies we verify the state of the installations: Electrical equipment (panels and levels) and pumping systems (valves and pipes).

Official distributors of major name brands

Only the best brands ensure the highest quality of installations