Electro Caor

40 years of experience in repair and commercialisation of electric motors and pumping systems

We like things done right

Under this motto ELECTRO CAOR was born in 1981 and it is still one of our guidelines. We are at the service of our customers, to collaborate and help them both in new installations and in repairs.

Our facilities, with more than 800 m2, enable us to develop our activity and house a great variety of references in stock adapted to current needs in order to minimize repair times.

Our 40 years of experience have given us a wide knowledge of the product, which we offer with the maximum guarantee of quality, professionalism and advice

Our vision and values

Our objective is to manage integrally the specialized resources assigned to each service, in order to cover the demand of all our clients.

Our team

One of the main attributes that define ELECTRO CAOR is its experience; we are experts in solutions that adapt to the needs of our clients.

We care about offering solutions at the forefront of technology. The human and professional team at ELECTRO CAOR is constantly engaged in research and training.


Did you know that the word efficiency comes from the Latin efficientia which in Spanish means action, force and production?

We work every day to be better and better at our service. Learning is a lifelong project that has made us grow as professionals in maintenance, repair and sale, ensuring the highest quality in everything we do.